The deadline for realization of an order is individual, as it depends on many factors, such as the number of other orders.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Models It is possible to combine bodice and skirt from different models (if it suits style and color, some skirts are matched to the color of the lace of a particular bodice, so they do not always match another one). The combinations of different models are set individually. 
Colour You can also change the color of the original wedding dress. The possible colors are given in the description for each dress.

We use the factory methods of constructing and gradation of sewing patterns. The sewing technology is at a high level: refined delicate seams, sewn by machine or hand lace (without gluing).

We sew wedding dresses in standard sizes from 34 to 54.

We use soft Italian tulle flex, French lace, lace with beads, chiffon georgette, muslin, organza, satin, jacquard and viscose fabrics. A lot of dresses are ivory. Other wedding dresses are white, beige, cream, pink, blue and turquoise.

We cut and sew each wedding dress individually,  for this reason we can also offer the possibility of taking into account the dimensions of a particular person. You can send us a form with the dimensions of Your client. We send a template of such form to the salons with which we cooperate.
In order to sew a tailor-made dress, we need such dimensions as: bust, waist, and hips size, height without heels, sleeve length, hand circumference, bra cup size. We need this data for the correction of basic constructions for the needs of a particular client (including height and circumferences). The height is important for the design of the bodice of the dress, as it affects the height of the bust and waist line.
Standard skirt length is 120 cm from the waistline. The skirt length is adjusted in Your salon, after the fittings. In complex skirts, for example with ruffles, this is determined individually.


Possibility of changes

Constructing and technology


Individual dimensions

Standard sizes

Cooperation with wedding salons

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Ninel Didukh

Original lace wedding dress
Suknia ślubna Warszawa
Suknia ślubna Warszawa
Suknia ślubna Warszawa
Suknia ślubna Warszawa